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Physio Direct

Sussex Community NHS Trust Physiotherapy service wants to make it easier for patients to get advice from a Physiotherapist.Previously you would need to see your GP before you could be referred for physiotherapy. 

How does it work?
If you have a back, neck, joint or generalmuscle problem you can contact a Physiotherapist on the telephone number shown at the end of this leaflet. Once you have made contact with the physiotherapist you will be asked some questions that will help the Physiotherapist and you make a decision on how best to manage your problem.

What will I be asked?
The physiotherapist will ask you some questions, such as how long have you had the problem? What might have caused it? what makes it worse? Does anything make it easier? Are you taking any medicines? These are just some of the questions that will be asked. This will help the physiotherapist gain a picture of your problem.

What happens next?
There are several options that can be followed:

  1. The Physiotherapist may give you advice over the phone, this may then be followed up with information being sent to you in the post or by email. Both of you may agree a date for you to ring back to discuss your progress.
  2. The Physiotherapist may decide the best way to deal with your problem is to see a physiotherapist.An appointment will then be arranged.
  3. The Physiotherapist may decide that physiotherapy is not appropriate for your problem and, if necessary, you may be advised to make an appointment to see your GP.

How can you access this service?
The telephone number to use is: 01243 623542

Please call to leave a message. We aim to return your call within 3 working days.When leaving a message please ensure you provide the following information:

  • Name
  • NHS number/Hospital number/ Date of birth
  • Address
  • Preferred treatment location
  • Telephone number and best times to call back if required

Please note, this is not an emergency medical telephone line