About the Patient Participation Group


Founded March 2000

Patients of the surgery run the above group which raises funds for purchasing surgery equipment. This group, originally called the Friends of the surgery and  has to date raised over £12,500 all of which has been used for the benefit of patients.



The Patient Participation Group was founded to act as a liaison  between patients and the practice, to inform and educate patients and to raise funds for the surgery – a very worthwhile cause which is proving to be of enormous benefit to patients and doctors alike.

We would love to hear from anyone who would be interested in helping us design patient services by being part of discussion groups or by responding to targeted questionnaires.



The aims of the Patient Participation Group are to:

  • promote good relations between practice staff and patients.
  • act as a channel between patients and practice.
  • offer help to the practice if required to develop patient centred services.
  • host health education evenings for patients.
  • raise funds for specific items to make the practice more efficient and better equipped.


We have been running since 2000 and to date we’ve raised several thousand pounds. Thanks to your generosity the following purchases have been made:

  • a wheelchair.
  • an operating table.
  • 5 ear thermometers.
  • 2 foetal doppler ultrasound.
  • resus bag and oxygen.
  • small vaccine fridge.
  • water jet ear syringe.
  • nebulisers.
  • waiting room BP machine.
  • Paediatric pulse oximeters.

Update 2020: New group members now in place since April 2019 and have raised enough money for a new Doppler Machine (see noticeboard in surgery for details) and are now raising funds for a micro suction machine for ear wax removal which will greatly enhance the experience and save time for the nurses.



If you have any bright ideas or suggestions for fund raising we would be pleased to hear from you, alternatively if you would like to help man the tables, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Join Our Group

If you think that you can help with any of the above or are interested in more information please complete our secure online form. It doesn’t take a lot of effort to help and even the smallest contribution could make a great deal of difference in the way patients receive service at the surgery. We also welcome new members to our small group where we meet about four times a year. All future events will be advertised in the waiting room and reception area.