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Welcome to the website for
Bersted Green Surgery

32 Durlston Drive
Bognor Regis
PO22 9TD

Telephone: 01243 864843

Fax: 01243 842590


Earlier this year we told you that we were recruiting for more staff to help us look after ou all. We are delighted to say that we were successful in finding some fantastic new members for our team. Some of you may have met them already. Dr Celia Beaumont-Hutchings is our new GP, Mick Thair joins Justin to form our Paramedic Practitioner team and Emma Mist is our new lead nurse practitioner for diabetes.


We also have several new receptionists who are working hard to learn everything they need to be able to help you access our services. 

Paramedic Marathon Runner!

Many of you will know our paramedic practitioner Justin Eggins but did you know he could do this!! Well he did and he has raised over £2000 for St Wilfreds. Well done Justin 


Health Hot Topic- Sepsis



The UK Sepsis Trust


Sepsis is a life-threatening condition and needs emergency treatment, usually in hospital. The symptoms of sepsis may be vague and not specific so seek medical advice immediately if you have any concerns.


What to look out for when you're unwell

You should seek medical advice immediately if you or anyone you’re with has any of the following:

  • VERY high temperature (fever) or low body temperature (feels very cold).
  •  Severe shivering. 
  • Fast breathing and feeling breathless.
  • Feel very sleepy or about to lose consciousness. 
  • Severe muscle pain or tummy (abdominal) pain. 
  • Feel confused or disorientated (not sure where you are). 
  • Slurred speech. 
  • Feel very dizzy or faint, or have a fit (seizure). 
  • Your skin is cold, clammy and either pale or patchy (mottled). 
  • A rash which does not fade with pressure. 
  • Not eating any food or drinking any fluid. 
  • Being sick (vomiting) repeatedly.
  • Not passing as much urine as normal (especially if you don’t pass any urine in 24 hours
If you do have sepsis you may also have other symptoms of infection such as a flu-like illness (cough, fever, muscle aches and joint pains) or diarrhoea and vomiting.Early treatment saves lives. Call 999 if you are very concerned. Call your GP immediately if you’re concerned, but don’t think you need to go straight to hospital. If there is any delay in talking to a Doctor then call 999.

We're recruiting!

Our list size is growing as more patients register with the surgery. We are delighted to welcome them but now need to recruit extra staff to help look after everyone. We are currently recruiting for another GP, paramedic practitioner and practice nurse to join our team.

Named accountable GP

As you are aware all patients are assigned a usual doctor when they register with our practice. These doctors are now the official named accountable GP for you. If you are not sure who you're GP is then please ask at reception. You can still choose to see any doctor you wish and are not restriced to only seeing your named GP. It may also be the case that you are not always able to see your named GP immediately if they are fully booked, work part time or on annual leave.

Online prescriptions and appointments

You are now able to request your repeat prescriptions, make routine appointments and view your medical record on-line. If you would like to register for this service then please bring some photo ID to reception and you will be issued with your personal log-in details.

Become a Dementia Friend 13.7.15


A small group of people came along to the surgery on Monday evening to listen to Alex from a local charity 'Know Dementia'. There was a lively discussion around the different types of dementia and the symptoms that can be experienced by a patient with this disease. We gained an insight into what it is like for the patient as their perception of the world around them changes. Alex was able to explain why patients with dementia act and respond in the way they do. Understanding this helps us to interact with the patient in a way that stimulates rather than confuses them.


We were all officially Dementia Friends by the end of the session and even got a badge to prove it!


Dementia Friends is a national initiative aimed at raising awareness among the general population and help prevent patients who have been diagnosed with dementia withdrawing from society. To find out more visit the website www.dementiafriends.org.uk

Patient Participation Group

If you are interested in helping to shape the future of Bersted Green Surgery then please contact one of our receptionists to find out more.

New Website - 26/22/2012

Welcome to our new website. We hope you find it useful.

Virtual Patient Reference Group Survey Results - 31/03/2012

Over the past year we have been working to develop a virtual patient reference group and run a patient survey to gather your views on the services we provide. A full report to show how we have progressed and the results from the patient survey is available by clicking on this link. We will be inviting patients to a meeting to discuss the survey results and agree a plan of action for the next twelve months. Details of times and dates will be advertised soon. We would love to see as many of you there as possible. Karen Sallis. Business Manager.

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